7 things we learned from our mentor Bob Proctor

7 Things We Learned From Our Mentor

When you are passionate about something and take action towards it, it’s true that the good you seek is seeking you back. Good things come to you and that is how we met Bob Proctor. The thing we learned from having him as our mentor changed our lives. Here are the top 7 things we learned from him:

1. Know where you are going. What’s your goal?

In order for you to get from where you are to where you want to  be, you must have a clear vision, a clear goal. Not only that, you must have it written down, on a card, and carry it with you everywhere you go. We think about our goal often, every day.

2. Understand the mind to understand who you are.

This is the most powerful thing we have ever learned. When you understand the mind, you can understand yourself, your results, and the people around you. We have been able to take back control of our lives simply by understanding the conscious and subconscious mind and how it relates to the body.

3. You can do anything.

We have an unbelievable amount of talent and skill locked up within us. It’s there, but you don’t discover it until you begin to use it. By taking massive action towards your goal, you start to develop the talent and skills you need to succeed. Being introverts, we would have never thought we would have a career that requires speaking to audiences. It’s amazing to see how we keep growing as we take more and more action.

4. Successful people make decisions fast.

Successful people make decisions fast and are slow to change them if at all. We used to be all over the place, changing our minds based on who said what. After you get clear on what you want to do, all your decisions will be much clearer. They will either put you on track with your goal or not. Bob told us we should move to Bangkok for 2 months to study with the top coaches and within 2 seconds, we said yes!

5. You can have whatever you want.

Most people go after what they think they can get. They settle in life. After we adopted this belief, we were able to see all the areas of life we were settling for and made the decision to go after what we really want, not what we think we can get. Don’t go to the car dealership and get a Honda if you really want a BMW. Find a way to increase your income to match your standard of living. We love this idea!

6. Don’t think small, think BIG.

You are like the top 5 people you hang around. Why is that? It’s because your thinking and habits are influenced by them. Bob says, don’t buy the car, own the whole dealership. Think bigger. As you start hanging around people who are successful and have accomplished a lot, you begin to develop that awareness of what is possible for you and you aim higher. Why accept being “ok” at what you love doing when you can be the best? Aim high!

7. Become the person you need to be to have what you want to have.

The best lesson we have learned from Bob is that you have to become the person you need to be in order to have what you want. This means invest in yourself. Start changing from the inside out and that means start with your Thoughts. Act as if – start acting and talking like the person you need to be so you can attract the things you want. By going to seminars and working with mentors and coaches, we have been able to achieve quantum leaps in our results. As Bob said, we need a telescope to see how far we’ve come.

You should look into getting a mentor. Someone who can expand your level of awareness and guide you to success. It will be the best investment when you put yourself first.




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