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Is Your Perspective Out Of Whack?

Imagine you get laid off. Your initial response is “Noooo. How could this happen to me?” Then you might get upset and a bit depressed. You basically put your body in a bad vibration. This is what happens when most people get any kind of “bad” news.

Perspective is a wonderful human ability that we were all born with. However, most don’t use it to their advantage.  We are conditioned to live through our senses. So, if you’re faced with a negative situation or negative event, you tend to get emotionally involved with the idea that distracts from what you really want or need to do.

Stop reacting to what your senses tell you about your environment or circumstance. Use your higher side of yourself, your mental faculties, like your perspective to take control of your life. Understand that there is the Law of Opposites. There cannot be a good without a bad, a right without a left, an up without a down. So when something bad happens, change your perspective to see only the good in it.

Here are some tips to get through the tough times and focus on the good to create the good:

  1. Believe that everything happens for a reason.
  2. Look at the other side of the coin and say “That’s good”. See the good in the failure.
  3. Remember, it’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it. So get back on track and take action.
  4. Don’t see the event for what it is, see it for what it could be.

Life is not all flowers and diamonds, but you can create your heaven on earth by changing your perspective.

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